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Cosplayer's Nightmare

A cosplayer's nightmare right before a convention - that dreaded birds nest of thread! This is a limited edition t-shirt available until the end of 2020.

F*ck I Love Cosplay! Enamel Pin

An enamel pin to declare to the world that cosplay is one thing you can't live without! Made from solid metal with a black coat, this piece suits any outfit.

Con-Line 01

Our first ever digital magazine! We delve into the epic world of Cyberpunk cosplay from around the globe, featuring the talents of: Elizabeth's World, Lucid in Rapture, SuperKayce, Baroness Von T, Oh My Sophii, and many more!!

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Featuring Elizabeth's World and Lucid In Rapture, we delve into the world of Cyberpunk!

Yaya Han - one of the big names in cosplay - sits down with us to talk cosplay, competitions, and craft!

Featuring Keyshakitty on the cover, we explore the world of Pandora with this action-packed issue!

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